Monday, June 13, 2016

A Week In My Sweaty Life

It's taken me a little while to bounce back after Nanny Goat, mostly because I had to get healthy again.  Once I was feeling well it still took me a little bit to feel normal enough to jump back into my usual workout and running routine.  Man, being sick sure is draining!

This week I finally feel like I've hit my stride with running and working out again.  Instead of a full blown write-up, here's a quick synopsis via pictures:

Stairs! 10 rounds of stair repeats to be exact.  My calves hate me.

Old pic 'cuz I'm a bad blogger

Barre courtesy of Physical Kitchness where she kicked my booty.  My calves really hate me.

My legs were screaming

Barre BURN courtesy of Staci.  This is my first time taking this class and I loved it!  I forgot how much I love this type of workout format. We did an outdoors warm-up that consisted of mobility drills including walking toe touches, toy soldiers, high knees, butt kickers and suicide sprints. Then we headed into the studio for a five round progressive workout (reps of 10-20-30-20-10) that consisted of push-ups, supermans, tricep dips and jump squats per round. We ended with a fun abs routine of russian twists, mountain climbers and uneven arm planks (which were new to me).  My arms (and legs) were J E L L O!

Staci killed me. I want her arms. #goals

Ended the day with a sunset 10k run + 1 mile cool down walk.

These are a few of my favorite things

As much of the sunset as I could get through the fog
4 mile hard run with hills followed by a 3 mile walk with the crew.

Run Happy
I love these faces!
R E S T.

6 miles of trail running with Heather and Eric. So happy!

Sweaty post run smiles

Chrissa's last barre class.  She killed me.  I am going to miss her classes so much.  I'm bummed that she's leaving us to move to sunny San Diego with her gorgeous family but that just means I have to make a road trip out to SoCal to take her classes out there right?!  In the meantime I'll just stalk her blog.  Not that that's creepy or anything.

She's pregnant but still does better than me. I'm ok with it.

Also, ever since my dehydration scare at Nanny Goat I've been drinking water like crazy!  I have this lovely water bottle at work which is an obnoxiously bright neon color that screams DRINK ME.  It sits right in front of my screen and boy do I make sure to drink my water with that thing right in front of my eyeballs.

So bright!

How was your week?  Did you get all of your workouts and/or runs in?  What kind of workouts do you like best?

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