Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2016 Run In The Name of Love - Race Recap

Father's Day was a beautiful day in my neck of the woods. Since my Daddy is currently enjoying retirement in the tropical climate of another country I figured the best way for me to celebrate was by running a race on his behalf.  Makes sense right?!

Here's a quick description of the race straight from the race website:

"The original Run In The Name of Love was held in Charlottesville, VA, a benefit race memorializing Brian James Love, an outstanding young man from Carmel, CA. Brian was a scholar, musician, athlete and leader. He was captain of the University of Virginia’s snowboarding team. During team practice one afternoon he hit a tree and died instantly, three months prior to graduation. Brian had been secretly training to run his first marathon to surprise his “marathoner mom.”  In an effort to capture his generous spirit and contagious energy, the students, led by Melissa Georges, honored Brian and his dedication to the university and the community by organizing and participating in the first Run in the Name of Love 5K.

The proceeds were donated to the Arc of the Piedmont, an area charity with which Brian had been associated in life. The Arc of the Piedment is a non-profit organization providing advocacy, hope and support for people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Significantly, Brian had volunteered his time and services to this organization and had risen money through student government to further its cause.

Brian’s mother, Susan Love, traveled to the university to lead the students in the race every year of its existence. However, she had a dream and a goal to move the race from the East Coast to Brian’s hometown. Through dedication and determination her dream is now a reality.

And with the creation of this celebration in Brian’s hometown, Run in the Name of Love has expanded in scope. In addition to organizing and implementing a first class event, the goal for Run in the Name of Love is to raise money for JUST RUN, the Big Sur International Marathon’s outstanding youth fitness program.  All participants are encouraged to 'Run in the Name' of someone they love, either as a memorial or as a tribute to someone who is loved in life."

Race morning was warm and I knew heat was going to be an issue for me before I even got to the race venue.  Once I got to the start line I quickly found my "running tribe" and said hello to everyone I knew along the way.  I also made some new friends as I waited for the race to start, including some of the cutest four legged runners I've ever seen (the race has a 2k which allows dogs and strollers.  This dog obsessed runner was in heaven!).  Nala the husky puppy was my favorite!

My running tribe
The start line

Once the race started, we were off!  The race is a net downhill point-to-point 5k that starts at the Sunset Center and weaves down along the streets of Carmel before hitting the finish line at Carmel Beach.  It is a beautiful course and the views can't be beat.

My original plan was to try to actually race since I haven't ran a hard 5k in about a year but the heat made me nix that idea really quickly.  Instead, I ran with my new friend Tessa who just started running again.  It was her first 5k in several years so it was fun keeping her company and getting to experience the race in a different way with her.  She killed it on the course and crossed the finish line with a much faster time than she expected!

So pretty! 
As soon as we crossed the finish line we found our friend Ben and all waited to cheer in our other friends that were still out on the course.

We did it!
I was practicing my senior portrait pose & sporting major runner's tan
After the race the entire group headed out for brunch to celebrate Father's Day. Granted, Kyle was the only dad but that's ok.  We cheered to all of our dads with our bottomless mimosas before we tore into our food.  Man, the rungries are no joke! 

This is why I run. FEED ME!

All in all, Father's Day was great.  Gorgeous weather, great event, amazing friends and good food.  I'd like a repeat soon please!

What did you do to celebrate Father's Day?  Hopefully you had an amazing weekend!

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