Tuesday, August 25, 2015

To Run or Not To Run

How is it already the end of August?  How did that happen?  Didn't this year just start? 

I thought I'd pop in and give a quick update to assure everyone that I'm still alive.  I'm currently knee deep in marathon training and so far so good.  Last week brought some cooler temps (although the high humidity has still been sticking around) and man what a difference that made with my training runs!  I was so happy and my legs just wanted to go!

This past weekend I got in back-to-back double digit miles just to see how my legs would hold up.  On Saturday I ran 4 miles with Thepinkhatrunner and Therealdealrunner before we joined The Treadmill's 6 mile Palo Corona Fun Run.  Oh man, that mountain kicks my butt every. single. time.  But I'm happy to report that I ran the furthest up that dang thing than I ever had this weekend before having to take a walk break.  And I got in 10 miles with considerably happy legs.  Progress...finally!

On Sunday I tackled 12 miles on some new to me trails on the Laguna Seca side of the Fort Ord trails. At 1:30 PM in the afternoon.  Yeah...not such a smart idea.  I was originally supposed to hit the trails with T first thing in the morning but thanks to a headache and some nausea our run got postponed to the hottest part of the day.  So fun! But not really.

We ran an out and back with the first 3+ miles being fast downhill before we hit some rolling hills and some challenging climbs.  You guys, I thought I was going to die!  Heat is just not this girl's friend and throw in some tummy trouble that popped up around mile 4 and I was one not so happy runner.  I have to give T major props for not trying to kill me or ditch me on the side of the trails 'cuz I'm pretty sure I wasn't an entire joy to deal with.  The man has the patience of a saint I tell ya!  Oh BTW did you know that anything that goes down you inevitably have to run back up on the return trip?  Insert a very cranky little runner here.  But I got it done and T got me a soda at the closest 7-Eleven as soon as we were finished and I was back to my usual happy self as soon as I took a sip of that cold, carbonated deliciousness!  Sidenote: Does anyone else crave soda after a long run? Ever since my first ultra when I had soda on the course I must have soda after a long run now.  Which is really interesting since I don't usually want soda at all normally.
That's "Coach" T.  Isn't he handsome?  I kinda dig him.
That brings me to this week where I'm supposed to be tapering for the Toro Park 30k this coming Saturday.  Supposed to be.  Here's the thing: I'm not ready.  I didn't run enough on those trails (and trust me those climbs are killer).  I didn't put in enough mileage.  I just didn't put in enough work.  And I respect that course and the distance way too much to just show up on race day and expect to pull an awesome race out of nowhere.  So here's my dilemma: To run it or not to run it?  I have a really hard time not even trying to run a race that I paid good money to run but it's also not my goal race and I really, REALLY want that PR in November.  Is it worth the risk to attempt to race or would I be better off focusing on getting in a good run that's tailored towards that marathon PR?
I'm not sure of the answer yet but I promise to let you all know once I figure it out.
Did you ever DNS a race?  Did you regret it or were you glad you opted not to?  Please share your experience.

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