Monday, August 10, 2015

Don't Call It A Setback!

The 2015 Salinas Valley Half Marathon was a disaster of a race for me and I definitely took a hit to my running confidence because of it.  I was beyond disappointed and more than a little pissed with my performance.  But you know what, bad races and bad runs happen.  It's what you do about it that defines you and boy did that race light a fire under me!  I jumped right back into marathon training and started hitting it hard and fast.

It's been a whirling dervish of cross training (barre and TRX) and running.  The weather has made it harder than usual (anyone else over the heat & humidity or is it just me?) but I haven't given myself any opportunity to skip out or ease up.  It helps that my special someone (let's call him T) has unofficially appointed himself as my training coach and he's been holding me accountable for every single run and workout.  Seriously, I get a reminder every morning and a follow-up text or call in the evening to check on how I did!

Here's a rundown on last week's activities:

Cross training day!  I hit up barre class after work and got my behind handed to me as usual.  Loved it!

Barre so hard!
I was scheduled for a 3 mile run and I got a little carried away.  I got my 3 miles in at o'dark thirty with Thepinkhatrunner and therealdealrunner and directly after that joined them in the pool for about 45 minutes of pool running.  After work, I was feeling so good that I meandered over to the barre studio for another killer barre session.
5 miles of running was what was scheduled and thanks to the heat and humidity, that's all I got in.  It was a bit of a struggle and more than once I wanted to quit but I gritted my teeth and got it done!
I was scheduled for 3 miles but thanks to cooler temps and overcast, cloudy skies I felt sooo much better during this run than I did the day before and I ended up running 6 miles including some hill repeats.  Oops!  Then I scooted over to the barre studio for an awesome TRX class.  I was on fire! 
Hill repeats, beach running and an ocean view.
TRX training
Rest day

This was my scheduled long run day so I joined Thepinkhatrunner and Therealdealrunner for a run at Toro Park.  We have a race at Toro Park at the end of the month so we decided to run part of the race course so that we'd be familiar with what to expect on race day.  There was tons of climbing (I made it to the top of Black Mountain for the first time and didn't die!), climbing over and under barbed wire, and even scooting down steep trails on our bottoms.  It was quite an adventure and we ended up with 12+ miles in the books.

I survived!

T needed to get some miles in for his ultramarathon training so I joined him for a short, easy recovery run.  It was nice to not have to push as hard while getting to explore some new to me trails.  Afterwards, I returned the favor by dragging him with me to his very first TRX class.  He's such a good sport and he did great! 

Recovery trail running

I'm also proud to report that my nutrition has also been on point.  T and I made a pact to clean up our diet so we've been limiting our dining out as well as cooking more.  We've been so good at sticking to eating clean!  We're also challenging ourselves by doing the Whole30 challenge in September.  I'm scared!  However, in all honesty it's been really nice to have someone in my life who not only understands, encourages and supports me but is right there in the trenches with me.
So there you have it!  I'm back, I'm focused and I'm determined to not only reach but exceed my expectations for my goal marathon.  I will get that PR and most importantly prove to myself that I can do it.

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