Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm On A Roll!

Heeey everyone!  I've been rocking and rolling over here with the runs and workouts.  I've been hitting the gym and the barre studio regularly and consistently getting my weekly runs in.  I've even been on point with my nutrition and diet which is huge for me.  My body's definitely getting stronger and my runs are getting longer.  I've even been able to sustain a faster pace too! Woohoo!

And just because I don't want to bore you with fifty billion words, here's my last week or so in pictures:

Rocking some crazy Mufasa hair post-barre
TRX shenanigans
Sweaty hot mess after R.I.P.P.E.D.
How can you not love running with this view?

For those who've asked, here are my two goal races for the year:

2015 Salinas Valley Half Marathon - August 1st
2015 Two Cities Marathon - November 1st

I do have a contingency plan since I want that marathon PR so bad I can taste it.  If for whatever reason I don't PR at Two Cities I'll be signing up for the California International Marathon again.  I will get that PR one way or another!

And speaking of being on a roll, I got jolted awake yesterday morning by an earthquake around 5:20ish.  Of course I promptly turned over and fell back asleep. HA!  Gotta love living in Cali!

How are you doing with your 2015 goals?  What are you working towards this year?

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