Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bring It On 2015

Hellooo 2015!  I'm off to a helluva start.  I'm on my third week of my new clean eating diet (which really isn't a diet at all but more just making sure I'm eating whole, clean foods and cutting out all the processed junk) and I'm feeling great!  I've also been keeping up with my new fitness and running goals and I'm really excited to incorporate new things as the year progresses.

Here's what I've been up to lately:


Happy New Year!  I decided to start the new year off on the right foot and participated in our local Rio Grill Resolution Run 10k.  It was so cold that morning but there were a ton of people out which made for a really fun time.  About halfway through the race we were running near the coast and looked over to see dozens of dolphins playing and surfing alongside the surfers.  It was so cool!  I didn't know they actually got that close to the shore.  I enjoyed the sight so much that I actually stopped to take pictures and video.  Yes, I'm that girl!

The pace was slower than I'm used to but I got to spend time catching up with some of my favorite Team In Training teammates so that was a definite plus.  Besides, it wasn't about the time anyway but about spending time with each other.

These girls made the race so fun

Rest day

7 mile run on Aguajito with my friend Linda.  It was chilly but no where near as cold as it was on New Year's Day.  The miles flew by and we chatted and caught up on what was going on in each other's lives.

Striking a pose at the summit of the last major hill


I promised myself that 2015 was going to be the year of trying new things and conquering my fears.  Barre is something that I had always wanted to try but never got around to checking out.  Somehow I convinced Linda that it was a good idea to join me for a class at a local Barre studio but after we were done I wasn't so sure she'd ever go with me to anything else ever again! 

Barre is a full body workout that incorporates ballet, pilates and traditional exercises.  It's comprised of a lot of small movements and pulses with the option to add light hand weights.  We also used resistance bands and a little unweighted ball.  Holy cow was it hard!  My whole body shook and my muscles burned during the entire class.  I was cursing the puny 2 lb weights that I was using!  Let me tell you though, I was sore as heck the next day so I know I got a great workout in.  I'll definitely be incorporating this into my cross training repertoire.

I'm pretty sure Linda wanted to strangle me


I met up with my friends Ben and Eric after work for a 6 mile run.  My body was definitely sore and heavy thanks to the barre class I took on Sunday so I was a little apprehensive about how the run was going to go.  The first mile was rough but as my muscles loosened up it ended up being a pretty decent run.  My lungs were taking a bit of a beating thanks to the humidity but I was still able to get some faster miles in.  It felt good to crank that pace down towards the 8:xx's again.  I'm more determined than ever to get my speed back (and get even faster)!
I have a few more runs and workouts scheduled for the week and I've signed up to try my very first TRX class.  Bring it on, 2015! I'm ready for ya!

What are your favorite clean eating recipes?  What techniques do you use to ensure you stick to your eating plan?

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