Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Run It Out

As I've outlined in my last post, I have a lot of goals and changes for 2015.  I was so excited by them all that I started working on them early!  Here's how the last few days panned out:


I joined Thepinkhatrunner for 50 minutes of pool running.  It was my first time pool running and boy was it harder than I thought it would be!  I can't swim so I had a little anxiety when I first jumped in but other than a few little panic attacks mid-pool I think I did ok for a newbie.  I didn't drown so I call it a win!  I definitely felt the fatigue in my entire body when I was done and I was ravenously hungry.  I'll be adding pool running to my weekly routine for sure!

DANGER!  Clueless runner in the pool! 


On Saturday I woke up at 4:30 AM in order to join my friends Sarah and Chantel at 6:00 AM for a 5 hour trail run.  Yup, 5 hours.  In my infinite wisdom I thought it would be the perfect time to break in my brand spanking new Altra Lone Peak 2.0 trail shoes.  It was also going to be the first long run where I was going to be using my Nathan hydration vest.  You know, 'cuz you should always try new things during long runs and races right?!

It was FREEZING cold (that's 30 degrees for us Cali folks) at the start and dipped down to the 20's along the way so I never warmed up which is really unusual for me since I usually run hot.  The air was so cold that it was really rough for me to breathe in so I had my Buff covering my nose and mouth for the first 10 miles or so.  My asthmatic lungs apparently don't like cold air!

I'm usually a road runner so trail running is a relatively new thing for me.  It didn't seem so terrible when it was dark because I couldn't see the hills we were running but once the sun was up (and it was still freakin' cold), it was becoming a huge mental challenge for me to crest each hill just to see another one right in front of us.  Add to that the fatigue on my body and hunger and I was not necessarily the most pleasant runner towards the end of the run.

Oh but the views!  The views made it all worth it.  I literally smiled as I ran while watching the sun come up and seeing the views of the hills and the ocean.  Despite my crankiness in the last few miles, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I'm pretty sure trail running is going to be my new favorite.

At the start with my bajillion layers

I loved watching the sunrise as we ran

So pretty!

How can you not run happy with this view?

Trail running is my new favorite


Rest day


Easy 2 miles.  I also did meal prep for the first time in preparation for my new clean diet regiment in 2015.  I made:
  • Breakfast: Steal cut oats with a drizzle of honey and blueberries
  • Snacks: Baby carrots with roasted tomato hummus * Turkey, reduced fat swiss cheese and avocado rollups * Greek yogurt with blueberries
  • Lunch: A jalapeño turkey pattie with a spinach, mixed greens and kale salad and balsamic vinaigrette

I met up with Thepinkhatrunner and Sarah at 4:45 AM for a 5 mile o'dark thirty run.  It was chilly but no where near as cold as it was on Saturday.  The miles flew by as we chatted along the way.  Before we knew it we were done!  Michele was fighting illness last week so this was her first run since being completely recovered and she rocked it.  After exchanging high fives and hugs all around we made plans for our next run/workout together and went off to conquer the rest of the day.

I wouldn't get my early AM miles in without them

After work, I headed to my local gym for a R.I.P.P.E.D. class.  The instructor introduced the new season's exercises/workouts to the class and man was I all over the place!  I was the epitome of a sweaty hot mess.  After an hour sweat session full of weights, plyometrics, intervals, power and endurance exercises I was definitely exhausted.  I know I'll be feeling it tomorrow!  

So happy it was over!

Double sweat session day for the win!!!

Once I got home I proceeded to pack up the meals I had prepped before heading to R.I.P.P.E.D.  On the menu for tomorrow:
  • Breakfast: Steal cut oats with a drizzle of honey and blueberries (the steel cut oats are currently soaking in almond milk in the fridge)
  • Snacks: Baby carrots with roasted tomato hummus * Honey ham, reduced fat swiss cheese and avocado rollups * Apple cinnamon greek yogurt with steel cut oats * Blueberries
  • Lunch: Ground turkey, red, orange and green bell peppers, red onions, mushrooms and spinach cooked "fajita style" with mexican seasonings and topped on a quinoa, brown rice, chia combo.  I also packed a small spinach, kale and mixed greens salad with cherry tomatoes and a light balsamic vinaigrette just in case I'm still hungry.

I plan to do some pool running in the morning tomorrow, run a 10k on New Year's Day, and get another long trail run in on Saturday so it'll be a pretty active fitness week for me.  I'm feeling pretty good about how things will turn out for 2015!

What are your fitness goals to close out the year?  What do goals/changes do you have for 2015?

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