Monday, July 7, 2014

Let the MADNESS begin!

Alrighty all y'all!  No more doom and gloom here.  As I mentioned in my last post, there'll be no more excuses.  I'm putting it all out there and I'm gonna push further, faster, harder from here on out.  This is no longer about me, it's about something far greater.  So how am I, Miss Lazy Pants, going to do this?  Here's the (overly ambitious as always) plan:

The plan is to run consistently throughout the week with a focus on running faster and pushing my comfort zone.  Here's what that's gonna look like:

Monday          5:30 PM mid-distance run with co-workers and friends
Tuesday          6:00 PM speedwork at the track with TNT
Wednesday     Double run day (o'dark thirty in the AM and 5:30 PM)
Saturday          Long run day with TNT

Here's where my fitness plans usually fall apart.  I'm notoriously bad at getting in my cross-training and I can definitely feel the difference this year especially with the huge increase in the mileage I've been running.  I want to put cross-training back into my schedule with a focus on strength, balance and flexibility to hopefully keep me healthy as well as help me get faster.  Here's what that's gonna look like:

Tuesday          5:45 AM - RIPPED
Thursday         5:45 AM - RIPPED, 6:00 PM Bikram Yoga

In addition I'm trying something new: PiYo.  Listen, I know there a lot of folks who are completely anti-DVD workout programs and I get it.  However I'm also realistic and I know that I get lazy.  I don't want to give myself any reason to not workout and I figure an at-home convenient workout program will alleviate all excuses I might ever try to give myself to get out of it.  Plus, I joined a Challenge Group that I'm hoping will keep me accountable and ensure I stick with the program.

So there's the plan!  Now let's get sweatin'!

And I finally got on the Bloglovin' train! Feel free to follow me there to see my progress:

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