Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bruises, Hills and Sunrises

Sooo...I'm apparently a horrible blogger. Sorry guys!  I promise I'm not intentionally neglecting my little corner of the interwebs, it's just life is getting in the way a bit.  BUT I'm still plugging away at my new fitness routine and having a grand time while I'm at it.  Instead of boring you with a detailed post of every single day since my last post I'll just do a weekend rundown leading up to today.  Here you go:

My sister and cousin's Tough Mudder themed birthday party in SoCal.  My family loves themed parties and this one was a doozy!  Tons of fun games, including a relay through an inflatable obstacle course.  The funny thing is that I ended up with more bumps, bruises, scratches and scrapes than I did when I actually did Tough Mudder Tahoe!  Fun stuff.

I seriously love these guys

Nothing happened on Sunday other than driving my exhausted behind back home.  That's considered a rest day right?!
Yesterday was rough.  I was physically exhausted and sleep deprived and it was our busiest work day so needless to say I really wasn't feeling like doing anything by the end of the day.  Thankfully, I sucked it up and got out and ran with my friends after work.  It wasn't pretty and it certainly wasn't easy but I got 5 miles done.  I was supposed to do PiYo when I got home but that didn't happen.  1 out of 2 isn't bad right?!
What a difference a day makes!  I am the antithesis of a morning person.  Seriously.  I abhor getting up before 9:00 AM and most people know to leave me alone for at least an hour when I first wake up.  But for whatever reason, o'dark thirty runs make me really, really happy.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a total grump when I first get up but something magical happens after the first mile with all those amazing running endorphins.  It just makes me HAPPY!
Today I ran with two of my sole sisters and we had hills for breakfast, tackling an especially challenging 1 mile hill.  I was sucking wind (literally wheezing - thankyouverymuch asthma) but I pushed through and conquered that bad boy!  We were rewarded with an absolutely beautiful sunrise.  Did I mention this run made me happy?  'Cuz it did.  I need more o'dark thirty runs in my life!
I have speed work at the track scheduled for tonight.  It probably won't be particularly speedy thanks to this morning's hill run but it'll be good for me nonetheless.
That's all I've got!  I promise I'll be better at checking in and providing updates.  Pinky swear!
What do you have on your fitness agenda today?  Are you running, getting a workout in or enjoying a rest day?

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