Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sleep is Overrated Part 2: Wedding Shenanigans

It was wedding weekend number 2 this past weekend and it was a big one!  My baby sister got married and I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am for her and my new brother-in-law.  Since I want to spare you from an excessively long blog post, I'll break it down by day similar to last weekend's wedding post.  Are you ready?

8:00 AM     Work!
3:00 PM     Drive to Salinas to pick up my aunt and cousin
3:30 PM     Start the drive out to L.A.
9:00 PM     Hellooo L.A.!
9:30 PM     Hang out with the cuzzos and do a last minute practice session of our "surprise"
                 dance routine (which I neglected to learn ahead of time.  OOPS!)
11:30 PM   Finally go to sleep

7:30 AM     Rise and shine!  It's the big day and it's time to get beautified.
8:00 AM     Hair gets done
12:30 PM   Make-up is done
1:00 PM     Last minute wedding prep
4:00 PM     Throw my MoH dress & get some pics in with the bridal party & miscellaneous
                  family members
4:30 PM     Head out to the wedding venue
5:30 PM     WEDDING!
6:00 PM     Post-nuptial photo op with the familia
6:30 PM     Head to the reception venue
7:00 PM     Reception!  Eat, drink, MoH speech.  Eat, drink, dance...repeat!
3:00 AM     Sunday morning and we finally go to sleep. HA!



My family keeps it classy!

7:00 AM     I hear some of the family members waking up so I do to.  I keep my eyes closed
                  and try to get back to sleep.  I eventually drift back to sleep but not for long.
9:00 AM     Finally get myself up
10:00 AM   Dual birthday party for my little cousin and my cousin's cousin.  I was hurting
                 from the sleep deprivation in a big way!
4:30 PM     Finally head back home
9:30 PM     Drop my aunt and cousin off
10:00 PM   Finally home! Thank goodness!
11:00 PM   Sleeeep!

7:00 AM     Up and at 'em! Time for work.
5:30 PM     After a long day I finally get to go home
6:00 PM     Stuff my face with leftover ribs, mashed potatoes and brownies from the
7:00 PM     Social media updates and race committee work
12:00 PM   Insomnia I hate you!  Finally crash and burn.

7:30 AM     My body finally had enough and I slept through my alarm and missed my planned
                  5:30 AM RIPPED workout.  Oopsies!
8:30 AM     Work
5:00 PM     Head home
6:00 PM     Team In Training track workout
7:00 PM     Stuff my face with food!
8:00 PM     Social media and blog updates
9:00 PM     I'm putting myself to bed and crossing my fingers that I actually go to sleep!
                 Early AM wake-up call tomorrow for a run.  Wish me luck!

TNT Track Night!

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