Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saturday Shenanigans and Sunday Fun Day

This weekend was a busy one and I feel like I'm ready to nap for a week to recover!  It all started with meeting up with our local Team In Training team first thing on Saturday morning for kick-off and our first coached group run.  I really love TNT.  I ran my very first full marathon through TNT in memory of my Auntie Belma and the organization and cause has held a special place in my heart ever since.  I've returned again this year as a run team mentor and I'm uber excited to get to know the participants and help them reach their fitness goals.

They had cheer posters for us!

With the head run coach and one of the other run team mentors

Look at that beautiful group!

Running & walking to cure cancer. GO TEAM!

After kick-off and the run, I headed home for a quick shower before meeting up with my friends Linda and Mariana to shop for dresses for Mariana's wedding.  I had so much fun hanging out, laughing and shopping with them and we stayed out all day (even though neither Linda or I found a dress for the wedding. Oops!).  When we finally got back into town, Linda was kind enough to help me make cheer posters for the Capitola Half Marathon and Surfer's Path Marathon that I was planning on spectating the next day.  It ended up being a really late night and thanks to insomnia I didn't get to sleep until 2:00 AM.

My alarm went off bright and early this morning and my friend Tyson and I headed out to Capitola at 6:30 AM to spectate.  My friends Sarah (Tyson's fiancee) and Chantel were running their very first marathon and we wanted to be there to support them as well as our other friends who were running.  The Surfer's Path Marathon is composed of two out and back sections.  The first half starts at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and heads out to Capitola and back.  It's great for spectating since we get to see our friends on the way out and again on the way back while standing in the same spot.  We met up with our friends Michele and Mike at mile 4 of the race where Michele and I then proceeded to be the most obnoxiously loud race spectators/cheerleaders ever.  We had so much fun!  We got to cheer on our friends Kandace, Nichole, Peyton (who was running her first half marathon), Noel (who was also running her first half marathon), Dean, Sarah and Chantel as well as everyone else who we saw on the course.  We would run with strangers, high five runners and hand out bananas/Gu's to those who needed it.  Once all of our friends passed by we meandered back to the car (cheering along the way of course) to head over to our next cheer stop at mile 16/21.

Team M&M getting our cheer on

Cheesing at mile 4/9ish

The second half of the Surfer's Path Marathon was also an out and back which made spectating a breeze.  We hunkered down at mile 16/22 where we were soon joined by other spectators and proceeded to yell, scream, and high five everyone who ran by.  I loved watching the runners perk up and smile/laugh as they passed by.  I think we all got a second hand runners high from cheering everyone on.  I was yelling and cheering so much that it'll be interesting to see whether or not I still have my voice tomorrow!

Mile 16/22

Once our runner friends passed by for the last time and we sent them along their way to the finish with some overly enthusiastic words of encouragement, we packed up and headed over to the race finish to make sure we were there to watch them cross that finish line.  Let me tell you, it is an amazing thing to watch others run across that finish line with faces full of smiles, pride and joy at completing such an incredible journey.  My favorite was getting to see my friends cross that marathon finish line for the very first time.  It's almost like reliving my very first marathon all over again through them.

Dean ran an impressive 11 minute PR 

Congrats Sarah! You are officially a marathoner today!

Team M&M Cheer Squad with the awesome marathon finishers

I am so happy for everyone who raced today and I am beaming with pride for all that they've each accomplished.  Today was the culmination of all of their sweat, tears and hard work and it was a privilege to get to watch them celebrate their success.  I can't wait to spectate another race in the near future!

Have you ever spectated a race or had someone come support you during a race by spectating/cheering you on?

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  1. Thank you so much for remembering us at the Half! Seeing our names on your sign meant the world to me! So cheer for me here and I will cheer for you at NANNY GOAT 100