Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2014 Nanny Goat 100 miler - Race Recap Part 1

I did it! I'm officially part of the 100 mile club! I still can't believe this happened.  Thank you so much to all of you for all the texts, messages, emails, posts and tweets of support and encouragement. It meant the world to me!  I'm still absorbing everything that happened so please forgive me for taking my time in trying to fully put into words what the entire experience was like.

While I'm still working on a race recap, I thought I'd at the very least share what the day before the race was like.  My fabulous crew, Brian and Kandace Jones, were gracious enough to not only crew and pace me but also drive me out to Riverside in their motorhome.  You can't imagine how wonderfully convenient it is to actually sleep in a bed and be able to literally pop out of the door literally steps away from the race start.  Not to mention having the option of a hot shower immediately after race and a chance to sleep on a bed on the way home. Holla!

The best race crew in the world

We had plans to leave around 11:00 AM so I was able to actually sleep in and get 9 full hours of sleep.  WOOHOO!  I can never get any sleep the night before a race so every hour of sleep two nights before is critical for me.  As soon as I woke-up I went through all of my things to make sure I didn't forget anything and got ready to head over to the Jones'.  They already had the "Moho" pulled out and pretty much ready to go so we were on the road in no time!
Riverside here I come!

Any trip with the Jones' is a party and I had a ton of fun on the drive down to Southern California.  Of course, it wasn't long before I realized that I had forgotten my Garmin among a few other things.  It never fails!  Thankfully I knew that the RD would have a huge screen at the race that displays our mileage and the time so it wasn't a huge deal that I didn't have it with me.  Thank goodness! 

Even with my amazing crew keeping me entertained on the drive, it was still quite a haul to get ourselves over to the race venue.  During the drive the temperature got significantly warmer and warmer as we got further south which was a bit alarming to me.  I don't run well in heat so I was really nervous about that.  Still, the weather report was predicting a cooler day on race day so I had my fingers crossed.  And then of course we hit the infamous SoCal traffic which slowed us to a crawl...but at least we were moving!  After 8 hours of driving we made it!

Nanny Goat is held on a beautiful privately owned horse ranch that is surrounded by groves of orange and flowering trees.  I immediately hopped out and headed straight to the barn to check out the layout of our group's stall and where the aid station and timing areas were going to be located.  As soon as I walked up to the barn I noticed that it looked like a little tent city with the tents of all the runners who were camping out for the night surrounding it.  There were also tons of signs with words of encouragement and support already posted around the course area.

One of the beautiful horses on the Sexton's ranch


Heck yeah!

Once I scoped out the barn, I went back to the moho and grabbed my race gear to deposit in our stall.  I also took a quick lap around the course with my fellow runner, Sofie, to get a preview of what it was like.  Apparently, I didn't really walk the full course 'cuz I was in for a surprise on race day!

My fellow Team Superhero teammate, Terri

After walking what I thought was the full course loop, I popped back into the barn to do one last gear check to make sure everything I needed was in the stall.  I got to meet some fellow runners and say hi to runner friends that I already knew.  With my gear check done, I headed back to the moho to try to get some sleep.  I have the worst time sleeping the night before a race.  I'm an extremely light sleeper to begin with and have trouble adjusting to new environments since every little sound wakes me up, but add to that the nervousness and excitement of an upcoming race and it's a recipe for disaster.  Eventually I was able to doze off, albeit in a light and fitful bout of sleep, and had dreams of running and races going through my head.

To be continued....  


  1. Don't lie - you're being kind just saying you're a light sleeper.... Brian was snoring! LOL! We loved being your drivers and sharing this experience with, I was able to confirm that I will NEVER do this myself. LOL!

    1. LOL. Never say never Kandace! Look what happened to you and "never" running a full marathon. Mmm hmmm.