Monday, April 14, 2014

Double Long Run Weekend

This weekend I had my last long run scheduled for the Big Sur International Marathon.  I decided to turn it into a double duty weekend and planned to run an 18 miler on Saturday followed by a 10 miler on Sunday.  Of course, things didn't exactly turn out as planned.  This time around though it turned out even better than planned.

On Saturday morning I met up with my friends Chantel and Eva at 6:00 AM to get in an 18 mile run.  Chris joined us with plans to run part of the distance.  We got off to a great start and started chatting away.  Once we reached the 5 mile point we decided to turn back around to drop Chris off and refill our water bottles.  We kept a nice steady pace and at no point did my feet or legs hurt.  Once we got back to our cars there was a round of high fives as we congratulated Chris on his longest run to date!  From there Chantel, Eva and I took off in the opposite direction to finish up the last 8 miles.  We turned onto the Fort Ord Sand Dunes State Park path to tackle some hills.  The Big Sur International Marathon is full of rolling hills in the second half of the race so it was great training to end our run with hills.  The Sea Otter Classic was happening this weekend so we ran into a lot of cyclists on the path.  Before we knew it we were back at our cars and our 18 miler was done!

Chantel, Eva and Me (bummed we didn't get a pic with Chris) 

Hooray for C12 Recovery! No soreness the next day at all.

Celebratory jump post-run

I spent the rest of the day resting and allowing my legs to recover.  Surprisingly my legs felt really good.  So instead of the 10 miles that I had originally planned to run with my friends Gwen, Michele and Sarah I decided to join Michele and Sarah to run an additional 8 miles before meeting up with Gwen.  My biggest challenge would be to leave my family's Pacquiao boxing party at a reasonably early time so that I could wake up in time to meet the ladies!

At 5:45 AM on Sunday morning I met up with Michele and Sarah to get our run on.  There's something magical about running in the dark with only the sounds of the ocean and your footsteps then getting to watch the sun rise and the world wake up.  I could feel the fatigue of the other day's long run on my legs but it wasn't hindering my ability to move forward.  We quickly reached our turnaround point and headed back to the meeting spot where we were to meet Gwen and Maverick.

The view is so pretty

I love all the purple

Gwen and Maverick joined us and our little group trekked on to get in 10 miles.  It's amazing how quickly miles go by when you're chatting with friends and catching up.  I know my pace was horrendously slow at this point but honestly this weekend's long runs were about getting in the distance and not hitting any specific paces.  Getting to spend time with good friends catching up and pounding the pavement was the best way to pass the miles away.  And just like that we had 18 miles in the books!

My amazing sole sisters: Michele, Gwen, and Sarah

My handsome new running partner, Maverick

One more pic because he's so darn cute

Double long run weekend DONE! Now it's taper time

As any runner knows the best way to celebrate a long run is to immediately fill it with food!  We stopped over at First Awakenings and filled our bellies with pancakes, omelettes, bacon, crepes and other kinds of yummy food.  With happy tummies and tired legs we all hugged it out and headed home.  Now begins the dreaded taper.  I know race day will be here before I know it!

What did you do this weekend?  Did you run a race or a training run?

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