Monday, March 31, 2014

Big Sur International Marathon Training

Yesterday I went on my first long run post-Shamrock and have already jumped right into Big Sur International Marathon training.  Thankfully I don't have to start from scratch since I just ran a marathon as my long run but I still want to make sure I keep my mileage high. Plus, I'm using all races between now and May as training runs for my "big" race: Nanny Goat 24 hour / 100 miler.

Since I'm still concerned about my feet (my left foot specifically) I wanted to make sure that I ran a really easy pace so that I could pay attention to how my body felt. Sorry for sounding like a broken record but I really cannot afford a major injury and I refuse to push my body to far or fast despite how much it's killing me to restrain myself.  Thankfully, Michele had 12 miles on her training calendar for the day and Sarah had 16 miles scheduled so we all met up at 6:30 AM to do 12 miles together (Sarah ran her additional 4 miles before meeting up with us).

We started our run while it was still dark out and it was really cool to see the sun come up and watch as everything got lighter.  Between chatting and running into people that we knew along the way, the miles ticked by.  It really was a beautiful day out and I distracted myself by looking at the gorgeous view.  Here's a quick photo dump just so you can see what I'm talking about:

Before we knew it we were done! The great news was my feet held up just fine.  There was still some tightness in my arches but no pain at all.  WOOHOO!  There were high fives all around before we sped off to meet our friend Sandra a.k.a. The Foodie Affair for brunch at the Red House Cafe.  It was the perfect way to celebrate our long run and catch-up with good friends.

For the record, here are my splits (Yes, I realize my pace was all over the place. There was a lot of slowing down and stopping to say hi to friends we ran into along the way so it was an easy paced "social run"):

Final stats:
Distance: 12.01 miles
Total time: 2:11:01
Splits: 12:21, 11:18, 11:27. 11:01, 10:52, 10:23, 10:44, 10:32, 10:41, 9:54, 10:14, 11:05, 9:54 (.01 mile)
Average time: 10:55 min/mile

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