Sunday, February 23, 2014

The day the hills ate me for breakfast

Oh Aguajito!  I love your rolling hills and your non-stop climbing.  I had every intention of conquering you this Saturday and being able to proclaim that I ate hills for breakfast.  Unfortunately, that was not to be.

The day started off ok.  I woke up on time, had no aches or pains and had my wheat bread with peanut butter for breakfast.  But just as I was about to head out the door, my tummy made a not so dainty sound. Uh oh!  Not so bueno.  So I took care of business and prayed that it was all out of my system as I started running.

I ran out on Iris Canyon Road and headed over to El Estero Park then headed up towards Aguajito to start climbing the hills.  As much as I love the challenge of Aguajito, my lungs hate whatever flowers, plants or trees are out there and I always struggle to breathe.  The higher I run, the harder the breathing gets.  I've learned to really take it easy at the start, dial back my pace and just chug along.  About half a mile into my run up Aguajito I ran into some of the TNT Walk Team members.  I love TNT!  I ran my first marathon with them in memory of my Auntie Belma so they have a very special place in my heart.  Seeing all of their smiling faces really made me happy and gave me a boost of energy.

Look at those beautiful smiling faces!

I love them :)

Not long after I said good-bye to the TNT Walk Team, my tummy started rebeling.  My tummy is a sensitive creature.  About every other run or so it decides to act up and throw a hissy fit.  This usually isn't a problem because most of the routes that I run on have restrooms along the way.  Unfortunately, Aguajito is one of the only routes which have no restroom facilities.  I'd either have to run into the woods to take care of business or have an accident.  Neither option appealed to me.  Oh man was I nervous!

My tummy got mad a little before I made it to the stables

At this point I had to walk more than run since running was exacerbating the problem.  I literally prayed with every step that I took that I just make it back to my apartment without incident.

The main summit! Hallelujah!

This sums it up.  Pretty right?!

As soon as I got to the main summit I started running as much as I could as fast as I could.  All I kept thinking was that I just needed to make it back to my apartment.  Let me tell ya, the second I got to my street I took off like a Kenyan to get to my home.  Whew!  Too close for comfort!  That was almost a disaster.

With the crisis averted I headed back out the door to finish up my run.  I still needed 2.5 more miles to finish up the 10 miles that was on my training calendar.  I headed back out to El Estero Park to meet up with my friends Greg and Naomi and run with them for a little bit since they had plans to run Aguajito as well.

I survived!

It was a beautiful day



We like bright shoes & we cannot lie

I met up with Naomi and Greg and we headed back up towards Aguajito.  It was so nice to catch up with them and before I knew it I was at the base of my street.  I waved good-bye and started the 1 mile climb up my street to my apartment (Oh yeah, my street is a mile long hill. Sometimes I love it, sometimes not so much).  Once I got to the top I did a little happy dance to celebrate.  I did it!  I survived! 10 miles DONE!

To be honest, this was not the run that I wanted.  I admit I was disappointed but at the end of the day I embrace the fact that bad runs happen.  This wasn't my run but that's ok.  It just means that my next run will be that much more awesome.

Have you ever had a bad run?  How did you deal with it?

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  1. As I already told you on FB - my Sunday long run day was a DISASTER! My stomach made those exact same noises you mentioned and completely voided itself of everything I've eaten in the last 4 years prior to my heading out. I was hoping that I'd be okay for the run.. I hit the inhaler and then I was ready. I was pretty okay through about mile 7... then came the agony. I couldn't catch my breath, all my muscles were tensing up. All I could think of was that I was dehyrated.. but what to do? I had to stop at the lights to catch my breath and take a quick rest (plus get out of the sun). I felt horrible for my running partner. We walked a couple of times but trudged out all 11 miles...