Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Running, hiking and eating...OH MY!

Three day weekends are a perfect opportunity for me to spend time with my family.  This past weekend I decided to drive out to L.A. to hang out with my sister and cousin (a.k.a. adopted sister).  As much as I love seeing them, I'm sure they secretly dread my visits since I always make them do something active. HA!

The weekend started off with my scheduled long run on Saturday morning. I had 18 miles to do and I wanted to dedicate them to Meg Cross Menzies who was tragically killed by a drunk driver while she was out on her morning run on January 13th.  Her story hit home for me and I wanted to do what I could to honor her memory. I really wanted to have a strong run for her but unfortunately my body wasn't cooperating. I struggled the entire way and was frustrated by how slow my pace was.  Thankfully, my sister and cousin decided to join me for the last 3 miles of my run and I really appreciated the company.  It wasn't pretty but I got it done!

Group pic with the dogs post-long run

After our run, my sister's boyfriend was kind enough to take us out for a recovery lunch. My family loves to eat!  We went to Kickin' Kasian which was a restaurant that is very similar to Boiling Crab. It was really yummy, albeit super messy.  We devoured every bit of food that was placed on the table. You would've thought that we hadn't eaten in months! Afterwards we headed out to Get Shaved for dessert. Strawberry, Green Tea and Lychee shaved ice with condensed milk and Birthday Cake ice cream...Yes please!


Group pic after stuffing our faces

Sooo yummy!

Since our tummies were so full we decided to head home for a quick nap before heading out to a comedy club that evening.  My cousin had scored some comp tickets so we got to go for free.  The entertainment was good (Team Zoltan for the win! He was hilarious!) and the food was pretty good (I had the Black and Blue Steak Salad). It was a fun way to end the day.

Sunday morning started early with a 5:30 AM wake up call.  My family and I have a pact that every time I come out to SoCal for a visit, we go to a new place to hike/run so we got up super early on Sunday morning and headed out to Wildwood Park for some hiking/trail running.  It was so pretty!  It was a fairly easy hike, nothing as technical or difficult as the trails that I'm used to, but the views were varied and gorgeous and we experienced several different microclimates as we climbed down to the waterfall then back up to the teepee.  As always, it was a great time doing something outdoors while spending time with the fam bam. It's my favorite!  Here are some of my favorite pics from that morning:


Once we were done hiking we headed straight to Souplantation for some recovery food.  Hooray for buffet style establishments!  We were famished.  The rest of the day was slotted for rest and recovery.  We ended up watching an American Horror Story season 2 marathon and staying up until 2:00 AM!

Monday morning I had brunch with the familia then got back on the road and headed home.  It was a recovery day so it was the perfect opportunity for the trip back.  Thankfully traffic was mild and I got home at a fairly decent time.

It was a great weekend!  I got to spend time with some of my favorite people getting our sweat on and eating up a storm.  It was perfect.

Did you have a 3 day weekend?  What did you do to gte your sweat on? Did you get a run or workout in?

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